One of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean

Your favourite town in Istria

Beautiful sea, preserved nature and interesting history intertwined with local legends. Fishing culture exudes the city we come from. Get to know the city of Rovinj!

The charming town of Rovinj

Once an important marital and fisherman harbour, today a popular tourist centre, Rovinj is located on the Istrian coast for over two millennia. Because of its excellent Mediterranean climate, which gives warm summers and mild winters to its residents, this town is a great destination, no matter the time of the year.

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History of Rovinj

Even though first mentioned in „Cosmographia", from which we can conclude that Rovinj was founded between 3rd and 5th century AD, numerous archaeological findings confirm population of the area even in prehistoric times. The city has been built around the now church of St. Euphemia, and has successfully survived against Slavs, Neretvans and Saracens until the 10th century.

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What to visit?

Enjoy medieval Venetian architecture, which permeates the city centre and blends in with the maritime atmosphere that pervades the city. If you simply want to get away from the city atmosphere, the Zlatni rt forest park, in the old quarry, is an ideal place to relax and soak up nature. On the other hand, if the endless blue of the sea calls you, visit the numerous islands in the Rovinj archipelago.

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One with the nature

Porton Nature Hideouts

Welcome to Porton...A place with a half-century tradition, located in one of the most picturesque parts of the Adriatic. The view of the enchanting old town of Rovinj captivates every visitor at first sight.

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