What to visit?

Enjoy medieval Venetian architecture, which permeates the city centre and blends in with the maritime atmosphere that pervades the city. If you simply want to get away from the city atmosphere, the Zlatni rt forest park, in the old quarry, is an ideal place to relax and soak up nature. On the other hand, if the endless blue of the sea calls you, visit the numerous islands in the Rovinj archipelago.

Below we bring you our recommendations for a fulfilling vacation, getting to know the past and experiencing the beautiful Istrian nature.


Rovinj's old town - The old town of Rovinj is a great starting point for sightseeing the rest of the city. It is filled with beautiful colourful buildings that capture attention and passing through the cobbled streets you will quickly want to get lost and get to know all the depth of Venetian architecture that permeates this city.
St. Euphemia’s Church - This most famous historical monument in Rovinj is a place where you can soak up all the charms of this old town. Climb the church tower and be enchanted by the magic of the blue sea on one side and the intrigue of the forest on the other. The church is built where the church of St. George once stood, and is named after Saint Euphemia, who remained devoted to God during the torture of Diocletian. Legend has it no one of then inhabitants could bring her sarcophagus to the hill, until one day a small boy arrived with his two cows and, through the intercession of the saint, brought her to her final resting place.
Franciscan Monastery – This baroque building is located in the De Amici street (Friends’ street, translated from Latin). Explore the 300-year-old library and the museum of sacral artifacts located in the monastery premises.


Rovinj City Museum - Get to know the history of the city of Rovinj in one place. In addition to a library containing over 30,000 books and old writings about the city, museum curators will introduce you to various, prized specimens of art and landmarks found in the city area.
Aquarium - The aquarium is part of the Maritime Research Centre of the Ruđer Bošković Institute and offers its visitors an unforgettable experience of maritime life in the Adriatic. Discover all the diversity that the Adriatic Sea hides in its blue depths in one place. Here you will see the reason why the Adriatic Sea is known as one of the cleanest in the world and find out why people have inhabited these areas since antiquity.
Eco museum of batanas - Discover the history of Rovinj's navigation by walking through the Eco museum of batanas, traditional Rovinj ships with flat bottoms, which in the Middle Ages matched the quality of workmanship, speed, and endurance of the famous Venetian ships. Find out all about how ships were built, how they were sailed and why with their help Rovinj sailors were known as the best sailors of the northern Adriatic.


St. Andrew island – This largest island of the Rovinj archipelago is also known as the Red Island. With it being only 15 minutes of sailing from the coast, it is an ideal excursion location for everyone who loves beautiful nature and good historical stories. The island holds a Benedictine monastery, which has been repurposed into a castle over the years, their church and a never finished, nearly forgotten mausoleum.
Small island Banjol - This small island is, using geographically correct terminology, a cliff not far from the Rovinj coast. Covering an area of only 6 thousand square meters, Banjol is an intriguing place that hides a beautiful cave.
Figarola and Figarolica – These two small, uninhabited islands are located across cape Muča. While Figarola is a 28 thousand square meters large island, Figarolica is an interesting small cliff four times smaller than the small island Banjol. These small islands are a beautiful little oasis on the north of Adriatic, ideal for a day – long excursion away from the civilisation.
Zlatni Rt - This forest park is one of the biggest attractions in Rovinj. Due to its orderliness, it is an ideal place for various sports activities, such as running, cycling and freeclimbing. Since the area is closed to motor vehicles, this forest park is a great family destination, with plenty of hidden beaches for all-day relaxation.