What to visit?

A unique combination of an indented coastline with numerous well-known seaside towns and charming fishing villages, and an inland boasting picturesque hills and medieval small towns, nestled against two mountain massifs, makes Istria the perfect destination for all fans of nature and activity holidays.

The indented coastline of the Istrian peninsula is divided into north, south and east parts, and the must-see attractions on the Istrian coastline are:

  • Lim Channel, a bay located between Vrsar and Rovinj on the west coast,
  • Brijuni National Park, and
  • Cape Kamenjak in Premantura on the south coast.

Inland Istria is full of imposing hills whose winding roads snake down to the plains and valleys, where you will find the famous pit caves shaped by the forces of nature out of karst terrain:

  • Pazin Cave in Pazin
  • Baredine Cave near Poreč
  • Kingdom of Feštini near Žminj

Although Istria boasts over a thousand pit caves and caves, Pazin Cave and the caves of Pazinski krov and Zarečki krov stretching along the valley of the river Pazinčica are the main attraction of central Istria and a protected landscape. The numerous waterfalls of central Istria put on their most impressive show in spring and autumn when they are bursting with water. The most famous among them are the waterfalls Sopot, Benkovski and the waterfalls of Butoniga.

The hiking enthusiasts in Istria have the opportunity to conquer the mountains Učka and Ćićarija, two massifs boasting a number of well-marked walking and hiking trails, and the canyon Vela Draga, located on the west slopes of Učka, is also a popular destination among hikers, as well as climbers!

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Top cultural attractions in Istria

Explore the many cultural and historical attractions during your stay in Istria: visit the numerous Roman monuments, medieval castles and forts, picturesque hilltop towns, and old town centres of seaside fishing villages. Discover the numerous mystical churches whose walls are decorated with preserved frescoes!

Roman monuments in Istria

Istria boasts impressive Roman monuments, and the best-preserved among them are located in Pula! Be amazed by the Pula Arena, the sixth largest amphitheatre built by the Romans. Take a walk around Pula to discover the other monuments left behind by the Romans: the Temple of Augustus, located in the Forum, the Arch of the Sergii and the Small Roman Theatre.

If you head over to Poreč, you will notice the unique architecture of the old part of the town, and the two most popular streets for strolling the old town, the Cardo Maximus and Decumanus, again, date back to the Roman times!

Medieval forts and castles in Istria

The influence of the culture of the Middle Ages in Istria is best seen in the many preserved forts and medieval castles. Visit some of them:

  • Pazin Castle, Pietrapelosa Buzet Castle, Dvigrad, Morosini-Grimani Castle, Boljun Castle,
  • Medieval small towns: Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Završje.

Frescoes in Istria

Visit the churches of Istria and admire the medieval wall paintings and works of the masters! The most famous preserved fresco is the 1474 “Dance of Death” located in the Church of St. Mary of the Rocks near the town of Beram!

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Gastronomy in Istria

Do you prefer fish or meat? Well, you have found the right place to enjoy both! The Istrian cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean influences along the coastline, and traditional continental influences in the parts further inland. Istria has also for several years been declared the best olive-growing region in the world.

Along Istria’s coastline, you can enjoy delicious fish and seafood specialities, and if you find yourself in inland Istria, we encourage you to explore the traditional cuisine and its main local ingredients, meat and dried meat products, mushrooms and truffles, local cheeses and sweet honey products. The numerous winemakers of the Istrian peninsula will refresh every guest with their premium wines and local liqueurs.

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