The sun and the sea

The indented coastline of the Istrian peninsula boasts a number of pebble beaches and hidden bays where you can enjoy the clean sea and untouched nature.

What are the best beaches in Istria? Found those that suit your preferences:

  • best beaches in Rovinj
  • Blue Flag beaches
  • dog-friendly beaches in Rovinj
  • child-friendly beaches in Istria

Best beaches in Rovinj

Rovinj boasts several town beaches, numerous small hidden bays and small beaches on the nearby islands of the Rovinj archipelago. Besides our Porton beach, you can also enjoy several child-friendly beaches that are marked as accessible to dogs.

The Porton beach, as part of the Porton Nature Hideouts, is a gorgeous pebble beach with a view of the old town centre of Rovinj. It is child-friendly, as well as pet-friendly, just like our accommodation units! Enjoy a well-deserved break from the sun in the shade of the Porton beach bar located on the beach!

The town beaches Lone and Old Town – Monte are popular in Rovinj among those who want to combine a tour of the old town with a dip in the sea!

The Golden Cape beaches are located further away from the centre of Rovinj, but are still close enough to reach them on foot. Find your bay where you can enjoy the shade of centuries-old pine trees, stone pine trees and cypress trees. You can also explore the beaches on some of the islets of the Rovinj archipelago:

  • the beach on the island of Sv. Katarina (St Catherine)
  • the beach on the island of Sv. Andrija (St Andrew).

“Blue Flag” beaches in Istria

The prestigious international Blue Flag label is awarded once a year to beaches and marinas in Istria that meet the standards of equipment, cleanliness, water quality and environmental preservation. Visit some of the “Blue Flag” beaches in Istria and enjoy their clean waters and untouched nature. You can find the list of the current Blue Flag beaches in Istria here.

Dog-friendly beaches in Rovinj

In Porton Nature Hideouts, as well as on Porton beach, dogs are welcome! There are several dog-friendly beaches in Rovinj, including:

  • the dog-friendly beach in Borik, not far from Porton beach
  • the dog-friendly beach in Škaraba and the dog-friendly beach in the Golden Cape forest park.

Best child-friendly beaches in Istria

The best child-friendly beaches in Istria have appropriate entrances to the sea and a guaranteed clean sea. They are well-landscaped and provide a number of facilities and activities for the whole family! Besides the child-friendly Porton beach, we also recommend the following child-friendly beaches in Rovinj:

  • beaches on the island of Sv. Andrija (St Andrew)/Crveni otok (Red Island). Find your own private hidden bay on the island and enjoy the arranged pebble part of the beach. The island of Sv. Andrija is connected to the centre of Rovinj by regular daily ferry lines.
  • The beach in the protected Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape) forest park is perfect for families with children. Near the beach, there is also a centre for equipment rental, which means the whole family can enjoy water sports together! The forest park is but a 15-minute walk from the centre of Rovinj!

Explore other child-friendly beaches in Istria and have a memorable day as a family:

  • Rabac Beach. Only an hour’s drive away from Porton Nature Hideouts, Rabac Beach on the east coast of Istria is a pebble beach overlooking the nearby islands of Krk and Cres! Enjoy the clean waters and great offer of children's entertainment and activities! This is a popular beach, so make sure to come early and find your spot!
  • Gortan Cove Beach, Pula. Also known as the “Hawaii” beach, Gortan Cove Beach in Pula is a pebble beach whose waves and emerald green colour remind of the tropical beaches of Hawaii. The entrance to the sea is child-friendly, and the nearby rocks provide a chance for those a bit older to test their jumping prowess!
  • Cape Kamenjak beaches, Pula. The protected natural area in the southernmost part of the peninsula is a true paradise for those who enjoy rocky beaches and hidden bays with clean waters. Besides bays with a natural entrance to the sea, Cape Kamenjak also offers educational walking trails on the biodiversity of this protected area and tracks of dinosaurs that once roamed these parts.

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