Magical Istria

What should I know about Istria? Istria is a region of impressive landscapes, fascinating cultural heritage and renowned gastronomy – a great place to explore! This peninsula, that was long ago nicknamed “Terra Magica”, will amaze you with its indented coastline dotted with hidden bays, but also its mystical inland where preserved medieval towns perched atop hills peak behind the winding roads. Welcome!

How to reach Istria?

Situated in north-west Croatia, Istria is quickly and easily reachable by the A1 motorway that eventually connects via Učka Tunnel to the Istrian Y motorway, which means you will arrive at the peninsula in less than a few hours’ drive by car.

The international airport in Pula offers a number of national and intercontinental flights, while the international airport in Venice is a short 3.5-hours’ drive away by car. From Austria, Slovenia and Italy you can reach the Istrian peninsula within a few hours, or a day at most.

Istria is connected by sea transport with the nearby island of Cres, northern Dalmatia and Italy. The daily ferry lines from Istria offer a great opportunity for one-day excursions.

When to visit Istria?

As a region of the Mediterranean, Istria enjoys warm summers and mild winters along the coastline, and lower temperatures inland. Summer in Istria is ideal for those who love long summer days and warm nights, while autumn and spring in Istria are perfect for an activity holiday where you can enjoy the many walking and biking trails intertwining along the peninsula.

If you visit Istria during the winter, you will encounter somewhat colder temperatures, but you will also have the opportunity to hike in the Učka and Ćićarija mountains that form the geographical boundary of a region boasting amazing views of the entire peninsula, and on clear days you can see as far as Velebit, the Julian Alps and the Dolomites. Depending on how you want to spend your holiday, Istria is a year-round destination for an activity holiday and an incredible experience!

Central Istria is perfect for those looking for an activity holiday during spring, autumn, and even winter! Explore the hills, medieval towns, waterfalls and pit caves through a network of marked biking and walking trails. Endeavour to ascend and conquer the mountains Učka and Ćićarija or the canyon Vela Draga.

Visit the agrotourism routes where you can try traditional Istrian cuisine specialities, and let the local hosts show you the beauty of living in central Istria and in harmony with nature! Visit central Istria in spring as the nature awakens and the first fruits of spring are brought to the table – delicious and healthy asparagus. Discover the colours of autumn, and its flavours: truffles, olive oil, chestnuts, young wine and prosciutto.

The Istrian coastline is brimming with charming fishing villages! Experience the authentic life at sea in Istria, and the friendly hosts at the waterfronts of coastal towns, who are trying to entice passers-by with their local specialities and invite them to a delicious dinner. Enjoy the seafood and fish specialities prepared with the freshest catch, and toast to them with a glass of premium Istrian wine. Explore the beaches in Istria and enjoy their clean waters, and find your own slice of heaven in the shade of the nearby pine trees. Embark on an adventure and discover the coastline and underwater world of Istria in a unique way: by diving, kayak, surfing or sailing.