Welcome to the culinary paradise of the Mediterranean! You can enjoy the traditional dishes of inland Istria, or the seafood specialities on Istria’s coastline, and go on a private tasting tour to try the finest award-winning wines, olive oil, prosciutto and dried meat products, as well as truffles!

Best Istrian dishes

For fully getting to know the gastronomy of Istria you have to taste the best Istrian dishes prepared with local ingredients from traditional recipes. Some of the traditional Istrian dishes not to miss are:

  • Maneštra – a potato, carrot and bean minestrone soup that is mostly made with local pork or seasonal vegetable additions
  • Fusi, pljukanci, ravioli – local hand-made pasta prepared in the Istrian region and served with various sauces made with game meat, truffles, asparagus, prosciutto or Istrian cattle meat
  • Čripnja or Istrian baking bell – dishes under the traditional Istrian baking bell take hours to prepare and are usually a combination of meat and potatoes, or seafood, fish and potatoes.

Taverns, restaurants and agrotourism establishments in Istria

While on the menus of taverns and agrotourism establishments you will usually find traditional dishes, and will normally have to book your table to taste their select specialities a couple of days in advance, in restaurants across Istria you can try traditional dishes, as well as specialities of the Istrian cuisine reinvented in a modern way, that are prepared with the finest local ingredients, and often include seafood and meat combinations paired with truffles.

Exclusive restaurants and taverns in Istria

Foodies looking for a fine dining culinary experience in Istria can pamper their palates in a number of top restaurants and taverns in Rovinj and other locations in Istria:

  • Monte and Agli Amici restaurants, Rovinjthese one Michelin star restaurants are just the place for gastronomes looking to try out modern and creative dishes prepared by Rovinj’s top chefs,
  • Cap Aureo and La Puntulina restaurants, Rovinj – restaurants listed in the prestigious Michelin Guide, whose menus offer modern Mediterranean specialities,
  • Zigante restaurant, Livade – a renowned restaurant located in the village of Livade beneath Motovun, famous for its exquisite truffle dishes,
  • Batelina tavern, Banjole – a top-rated tavern in the south of the Istrian peninsula, famous for its fish and seafood specialities prepared with established local ingredients.

Tasting tours in Istria

Explore the gastronomy of Istria through private tasting tours that also have an educational aspect. Make a booking and go on an educational tasting tour to learn the secrets behind making and tasting top Istrian wines, prosciutto, olive oil and truffles.

Wine tastings and tours in Istria

A lot of the impressive wineries in Istria offer private tasting tours that show you the world of Istrian wine and its three most important indigenous wine varieties: Malvasia, Teran and Muscat. Here are some of the wineries where you can book a wine tour and enjoy the view of the picturesque vineyards of Istria with a glass of premium Istrian wine:

  • Kozlović Winery, Momjan
  • Matošević Winery, Sveti Lovreč
  • Roxanich Winery, Motovun
  • Kabola Winery, Buje.
  • Karlić Truffles, Paladini
  • Prodan Truffles, Buzet
  • Natura Truffles, Buzet
  • Miro Truffles, Motovun.

Truffle hunting in Istria

Where do truffles grow in Istria, and how to find them? Find the answers on a private truffle hunting tour that you can book with local Istrian truffle hunters. The adventurous truffle hunting tour will take you to some of the best spots for finding truffles, and you will learn the difference between black and white truffles. The experience is usually rounded off with a meal topped with shaved truffles. Where to book a truffle hunting tour?

Olive oil tasting

In Istria, olive oil is an essential ingredient of every dish, and is also often used as a condiment in cakes. The first-class quality of Istrian olive oil is confirmed by the fact that Istria has been declared the best olive-growing region in the world, which is why a visit to an oil mill while staying in Istria is a must. Where to go on an olive oil tasting in Istria? Guided tasting tours can be booked at the House of Istrian Olive Oil where you can try olive oil from every part of Istria, or you can also book a tasting with any of the olive oil producers on the peninsula!

Prosciutto tasting in Istria

You can try prosciutto made from traditional Istrian recipes, as well as other dried meat products typical of the Istrian region – sausages, ombolo (pork loin) and pancetta – in guided tasting tours hosted by some of the award-winning prosciutto producers in Istria:

  • Buršić Prosciutto Factory, Vodnjan
  • Dujmović Prosciutto Factory, Kringa
  • Mekiši Village Prosciutto Factory, Mekiši.
What are the best tasting tours in Istria, and where to book them? Contact us at sales@porton.hr, and we will be happy to help.