Cultural and historical attractions

Explore the many cultural and historical attractions and discover the rich heritage of the Istrian peninsula during your stay. Did you know that the Pula Arena is the sixth largest amphitheatre built by the Romans, or that the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List? Experience Istria through its culture and history by visiting its Roman monuments, medieval forts and interesting museum exhibitions.

Roman monuments in Istria

Experience the spirit of the ancient times in Pula! Start your tour with a visit to the Pula Arena, a magnificent amphitheatre that was once the scene of brutal fights, and today it is a stage that regularly hosts national and international artists. Continue your tour of ancient monuments by walking under the Arch of the Sergii and visiting the nearby Small Roman Theatre! Not far away you will be graced by the sight of the impressive Temple of Augustus located in the Forum of Pula.

The remains of ancient buildings near Pula can also be found on Brijuni, the peninsula of Vižula, and the Nesactium archaeological site.

You can also experience the long-lost ancient times in Poreč! The two main Roman streets, Cardo and Maximus, lead to charming alleys of the old town and the impressive Euphrasian Basilica. The 6th-century early Christian building is a unique cultural landmark, which has earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Head over to the nearby Marafor Square to explore the Roman temples dedicated to different deities!

Medieval forts and small towns in Istria

Visit the medieval towns of Istria and learn about the rich history hiding in their stone-clad streets! Many of them hold fully preserved remains of forts and are characterised by an impressive town architecture! Explore the charming winding roads that lead to the small hilltops towns of Istria. Enjoy the amazing views stretching before you with a glass of fine wine in your hand! Some of the must-see medieval small towns and villages in Istria are: Motovun, Grožnjan, Oprtalj, Završje, Momjan, Buzet, Pićan, Gračišće, Draguć, Grimalda, Labin.

What castles to visit in Istria? Visit Istria’s castles for an unforgettable experience:

  • Pazin Castlebuilt above the majestic Pazin Cave, Pazin Castle is the oldest preserved fort in Istria! In Pazin Castle you can explore the permanent and current exhibitions of its two museums – the Ethnographic Museum of Istria and the Museum of Pazin,
  • Morosini-Grimani Castle, Svetvinčenatyou can visit the preserved medieval castle in Svetvinčenat if you announce your visit in advance. During the summer months, the castle is a regular venue for cultural festivals and theatre performances for children, that tell of its turbulent history in an interactive way!
  • Belaj Castleonce an estate castle in central Istria, Belaj Castle has now been converted into a wine cellar and fine-dining restaurant where you can try the specialities of central Istria and taste wines from the Belaj estate!

Fishing villages in Istria

Experience the charming fishing towns and villages of Istria, walk along its waterfront and promenades, see the sunset and enjoy the delicious specialities served by local taverns and restaurants. The most picturesque fishing towns and villages in Istria are: Novigrad, Fažana, Vrsar, Trget.

Frescoes in Istria

Art lovers should not miss a visit to Istria’s churches whose walls are decorated with well-preserved medieval frescoes! The most famous among them, the 1474 “Dance of Death” located in the Church of St. Mary of the Rocks near the town of Beram, is open to visitors who announce their visit in advance.

Museums in Istria

Travel back in time and explore the cultural heritage of Istria through a unique experience! The following museums in Istria provide a perfect cultural experience for children and adults alike:

  • Istrian de Dignan Ecomuseum, Vodnjan
  • Batana Ecomuseum, Rovinj
  • Small Museum of Mining, Arsia Visitor Centre, Raša

Explore Istria and its most beautiful cultural and historical attractions. For more information, contact us at sales@porton.hr!